Without properly clean skin:

  • Allergens remain in contact with skin contributing to irritation
  • Bacteria and fungus continue to grow
  • Topical and oral treatments are less effective
  • Odors return quickly when using scented shampoos


  • Maintains pet's natural moisture
  • Proven to reduce itching in clinical studies
  • Deeper cleaning for tough cases
  • Creates a clean environment for your pet's skin, eliminating the cause of odor
  • SplashPLUS offers deep cleaning and additional anti-inflammatory properties gained from Salicylic acid.

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Using Splash to clear her Pet

A dog groomers dream for pets with bad odor, hot spots or allergies

Offer a “Healthy Skin” Upgrade for $10 more than a standard wash. One 12oz. bottle of Splash PLUS = 8 dog washes (average size). That’s $80 for you with each bottle.

Sell a bottle ($36) to spot wash at home to keep healthy skin until you see them again.

Your salon will offer the highest standard and that generates loyal clients and referrals.


"When clients think their pet has an infection coming on, we wash the dog and within days that dog is feeling much more relieved."

- Christine, Houston Groomer

"We have had AMAZING RESULTS!! Look at Delta after just ONE bath. And we have 3 other pets doing great. We hope to have many more success stories! Thank you for introducing us to your shampoos!"

- Tania, Albuquerque Groomer

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing is also available - contact our sales team at (877) 735-0256 or sales@vetsplash.com for additional pricing information.