Without properly clean skin:

  • Allergens remain in contact with skin contributing to irritation
  • Bacteria and fungus continue to grow
  • Topical and oral treatments are less effective
  • Odors return quickly when using scented shampoos


  • Maintains pet's natural moisture
  • Proven to reduce itching in clinical studies
  • Deeper cleaning for tough cases
  • Creates a clean environment for your pet's skin, eliminating the cause of odor
  • SplashPLUS offers deep cleaning and additional anti-inflammatory properties gained from Salicylic acid.

Using Splash to clear her Pet

A Whole New Kind of Clean

Specifically designed and formulated by dermatologists to provide fast relief for itchy, foul smelling, infected skin, and hair loss due to itching. Effective at cleansing and restoring skin back to a healthy condition without over drying or causing irritation when used as directed.

The Solution for Itchy Pets

Itchy Dog that Needs Splash Pet Cleanser

If your pet is unhappy and uncomfortable due to a skin condition or infection that's causing chronic itching, flakiness, hair loss, redness, bumps and unhealthy skin, Splash Shampoos can provide the relief you're looking for. Developed by pet-loving dermatologists, our shampoos help pets get relief from the itching - AND - give pet owners relief from all the pet's scratching, foul smell and hair loss.

Say goodbye to the scratching, and hello to a calm, happy pet.

Using Splash Shampoos

Splash Plus is designed for more moderate to severe cases while Splash is designed for maintenance usage.

Splash Plus can be used every 1-3 days until the itching and urgent skin problems have subsided. After a period of time you may reduce the washing frequency to 1-2 times weekly or switch to Splash, which is designed as a maintenance product. Splash products are safe and can be used daily or intermittently on your pet from the neck down. Splash and Splash Plus can be used interchangeably as needed. Other products like flea treatment or other medications can be used as necessary.

View our detailed How-To-Use Guides: Splash Plus and Splash.